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Abby Franke is a YouTube sensation from the United States. Abby Franke is well-known for co-hosting a family vlog on YouTube called 8 Passengers with her family and siblings. Additionally, she is referred to as the third oldest daughter among her siblings.


Abby Franke is a YouTube star from the United States of America. She was born on April 14, 2007 in Utah. She will be 14 years old in 2021. Kevin Franke is her father, and Ruby Franke is her mother.

She has five siblings: an elder sister named Shari, a younger brother named Chad Franke, and three younger siblings named Julie, Russell, and Eve Franke. Her zodiac sign is Aries, she is Caucasian, and she is a Christian.

There is no information about her education or the name of her school. However, based on her age, she could be in primary or middle school.

Professional Life

She began her career by appearing in her parents’ family vlogs alongside her two siblings, sister and brother, and parents. The family of eight made their debut on the YouTube channel 8 Passenger on January 8, 2015. The channel features vlogs, challenges, covers, and the daily routines of six energetic children and their parents. Their parents introduce her in separate YouTube videos.

However, she is the least active member of her family on the channel. She is a very private person who rarely discusses her personal life. Though she did a question and answer video in which he revealed some of her most intimate secrets to the viewers.

Additionally, she frequently appeared in her mother’s makeup and beauty videos. She still does not have her own channel, as her brother and sister do. She does, however, enjoy playing the harp and aspires to be a harp teacher in the future. She is a part of her family’s merchandise website, which sells her signature accessories and clothing. Even though she is not very active on vlogs, she has contributed to the 8Passanger channel’s millions of followers.

Earnings and Honors

There is no information available about her net worth, home, automobiles, or other assets. However, she is still too young to manage money and enjoy her millionaire parents’ lavish life. Despite her talent and abilities, she has yet to win an award or be nominated for one. However, she is many years ahead of schedule and may win awards in the near future.

Private Life

Abby is a straight woman who has not yet married. There is no information about her romantic relationship. She may, however, have been involved in the relationship. Apart from that, there is no information about her personal life or previous relationships. She is certain to win the hearts of many lovers in the near future due to her talent, good looks, and personality.

Likewise, there are no rumors or scandals surrounding Abby’s professional or personal life. She has not been involved in any controversy, and she prefers not to be surrounded by rumors and controversy, preferring to focus on her career.

Measurements of the Body and Social Media

She is 5 feet and 2 inches (1.88m) tall. Her weight and body measurements are unknown. She has a slim and lean body type with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Given her age, Abby’s body measurement stats will continue to fluctuate for a few more years, as she has not yet reached full maturity.

The talented actress is active on social media, but she does not have a personal account; instead, she appears on her family’s account. Her Instagram account, @8passanger, has over 497 thousand followers. Her parents, on the other hand, frequently share posts about her professional life, such as photoshoots, and occasionally about her family. Her YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, currently has over 2.49 million subscribers.

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