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Aidette Cancino is a social media influencer in the United States. As a beauty expert and vlogger, Aidette Cancino is known as Aidette Loves Beauty Xo on YouTube.

Childhood and Early Life

Aidette Cancino was born on July 19th, 1998, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was born in the United States. Because she turns 22 in 2020, she is a Cancer. When she was young, she had a younger brother named Anthony and a younger sister named Jizelle. As far as her family history goes, there is nothing else to say.

In the same way, she hasn’t given us any information about her educational background. However, based on her age, she might be a high school graduate, but she might not be.


A professional’s life

A YouTube star called Aidette is best known for being a make-up and video blogger. The YouTube channel AidetteLovesBeautyXo was set up on November 26, 2011. Tweet: She set up her account in January 2014 Her first YouTube video, which was uploaded in December of 2011, is called “Christmas Haul 2011.” She also has Nathalie Paris, a fellow beauty vlogger, on her channel.

The most popular videos are “Getting my bellybutton pierced!!!” and “DIY: Ombre Hair Tutorial.” They also show how to get your bellybutton pierced, how to dye your hair, how to fill in your eyebrows, how to go to prom, and many more.

Many new videos have been uploaded to the YouTube channel of the person who made them. Some of the most recent videos are “Butterfly bby cut crease?,” “a very RAW get ready with me!,” “How I contour my face step by step,” “Faux freckles Makeup,” “My everyday NATURAL makeup routine,” “ROMWE Try-On Haul *cheap and cute,” “Mugshot TikTok challenge makeup,” “My Instagram followers pick my makeup! *Shocked,” and many more.


Keepin’ up with Aidette is the name of her second YouTube channel. She made it after the success of her first YouTube channel. In 2014, she joined it. There, she has more than 89,6k subscribers and more than 3.8 million views on her YouTube account.

There are a lot of videos on this channel that are very popular. Some of the most popular are ‘Adopting a puppy!? (Cracked at the shelter)’, ‘BILLIE EILISH – “everything I wanted” REACTION *I SOB*’, ‘Getting into fights at SIX FLAGS!,’ ’19th Birthday Vlog!!!, ‘I Went on OMEGLES RESTRICTED SECTION!,” ‘A Week in Mykonos Greece!,’ ‘MIAMI TRIP WITH KIARA!!!,” and many more.

She is also well-known for her Instagram and TikTok pages. A lot of people follow her on Instagram. She has more than 522k followers now. When she posts pictures of herself in hot clothes on it, she gets a lot of attention. In the same way, she has more than 1.8 million followers on her TikTok account, as well. So, she is a TikTok video creator who makes a mix of lip-syncing, dance, transition, and comedy videos, so that’s what she does.

Personal Life

Now, Aidette is single and hasn’t been dating anyone. She hasn’t talked about any of her past or current relationships with anyone else yet. However, many people may have already been drawn to her beauty. But, she might be waiting for the right person and the right time to stay in a relationship before she stays with him.

She has also kept a clean and good image in both her personal and professional lives. She hasn’t done anything that would hurt her job.

Thereare measurements of your body.

She is 5 feet 1 inch tall. It looks good when Aidette has long black hair and brown eyes. However, she often changes the color of her hair. She also weighs about 63 kilograms.

Social Media and Net Worth

Cancino is well-known on social networking sites. Over 522K people follow her Instagram account called “@aidettec.” She has more than 83.9K followers. She is also on Snapchat under the username “@aidettec.” You could reach her through text, email, or phone.

More than that, her main YouTube channel has more than 578,000 subscribers now! And her YouTube channel, “Keeping up with Aidette,” has more than 89.6K fans. With more than 1.8 million followers and more than 29.1 million likes on TikTok, she’s also a big star there.

Aidette is a social media star who is getting better and better over time. She has been well-known and well-known since the very beginning. However, she has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million, though.

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