All You Need To Know About Jamie Foxx’s Babymama, Kristin Grannis

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Kristin Grannis is a middle-aged American woman best known as Jamie Foxx’s ex-wife and baby mom.


Kristin Grannis’s website photos show that she stands at 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters) tall and weighs roughly 67 kilos (147Ibs).


Although she is well-known as Jamie Foxx’s ex-wife, friend, and baby mom, she has managed to keep her name and personal details private and hidden from the public.


Daughter of Kristin Grannis

Annalise Bishop’s biological parents are Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx. Annalise Bishop was born in 2009 and is presently enrolled in a Los Angeles high school.


Foxx, Jamie

Jamie Foxx (born Eric Marlon Bishop) is an American actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, television host, and record producer. Jamie Foxx was born in Texas, United States of America, on December 13, 1967. Jamie Foxx is Kristin Grannis’s ex-husband.

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