All You Need To Know About Lil Wayne’s Son Neal Carter


Neal Carter is the fourth child of Dwayne Carter Jr., commonly known as Lil Wayne, and R&B singer Nivea B. Hamilton.


Neal is a ten-year-old boy (as of 2020). He was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on Monday, 30 November 2009.


The eleven-year-old is kept out of the media and limelight by Lil Wayne, who has always attempted to shelter him from the paparazzi’s inquisitive gaze. He inherited his father’s rapping ability, and the two have collaborated on a number of YouTube videos.


On his father’s side, he has three siblings; on his mother’s side, he has three. He is, however, the sole child of Lil Wayne and Nivea Hamilton. Neal presently resides with his mother, the famed American R&B singer Nivea Hamilton.


Carter Neal

He was born three months after Cameron, his half-brother.

Neal initially gained notoriety when his father, Lil Wayne, invited him to perform on stage at one of his performances. As small as he was at the time, he held his own on stage alongside his father! Neal has subsequently been featured in a variety of media publications, most notably in connection with his birthday festivities.


He is also well-known for his YouTube videos, in which he is shown having a good time with his siblings.

Neal is the only child of Lil Wayne and Nivea, a prominent R&B artist.

His parents chose to end their partnership after only eight months. He currently resides with his mum. However, Lil Wayne always makes an effort to spend time with him, and both of his parents stay out of his way when it comes to parenting him.

Neal’s father

Despite his parents’ efforts to keep him away from the media, he is a popular child. His inherent energy and natural ability to rap make him an instant audience favorite. He is himself in front of and behind the camera, which is what makes him so unique!

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