Amanda Martin is a famous American television star, business owner, and former top banking executive.

Amanda Martin was born on December 11, 1973, in Red Oak, Texas, United States of America to Sandi Klapp Nafziger and  Zachariah J Keathley Jr. Her siblings are her brother, Zack Keathley, and sister Wendi Blank.

Amanda Martin started her education at the Red Oak High School, Texas.

Amanda Martin worked in the banking industry for several years. She was an employee of an American multinational financial company named Wells Fargo.

Amanda Martin Iron
Amanda Martin  I

Amanda Martin Instagram

Amanda Martin is not on Instagram. She only has fan pages and parody accounts.

Amanda Martin Cast

Amanda Martin Iron became a television star after their automobile business was picked up for a reality show titled Iron Resurrection by Discovery Channel.

Where is Amanda Martin Now

Amanda Martin currently resides in Johnson City, Texas, with their dogs. She has no kids yet.

Who did Amanda Martin marry in Iron Resurrection?

Amanda Martin married Joe Martin in Iron Resurrection. He also happens to be her real husband.