Astrid Menks Biography: net worth, age, height, facts, and how she met Warren Buffett.


Being married to one of the world’s richest men and keeping a low profile is amazing!


Astrid Menks is married to Warren Buffet, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Her celebrity grew as a result of her long-term connection with Warren Buffet.


Her choice to go from Latvia, her native country, to America to follow her aspirations transformed her life forever, and she is now one of the world’s most popular women.



Astrid Menks was born in her native Latvia in 1946. She came to the United States to follow her aspirations and worked as a waitress along the way.


She chose Omaha, Nebraska as her permanent residence after moving to the United States.


There isn’t much information available about Astrid Menks’s background.

Age, Height, and Body Mass Index

Astrid Menks, who was born in 1946, is in her 70s and quite active. Her actual height is unknown, although Warren Buffet is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 88 kg.


What She Did to Meet Warren Buffet

She met Warren Buffet for the first time while working as a waiter. During that time, Warren Buffet’s wife, Susan Thompson, resumed her profession as a nightclub singer at the same bar where Astrid Menks worked.


Susan Thompson chose to go to San Francisco in 1977 to seek a career as a vocalist. She couldn’t handle Warren Buffet’s meteoric ascent to success.


Susan Thompson advised the females in the bar to take good care of her husband, Warren Buffet, before leaving him after nearly 25 years of marriage to pursue her profession.


She was well aware of what Warren Buffet desired the most. Warren craves female company, so she resolved to please her husband.


Astrid Menks was the closest to Warren Buffet among the girls assigned to look after him. She was thoughtful enough to make him a bowl of homemade soup. Astrid Menks and Warren Buffet’s bond grew stronger, and a year later, she moved in with Warren Buffet at his White Stucco house in Omaha.


Warren Buffet and Susan Thompson, on the other hand, did not divorce. They continued to see one other and even spent months together. They worked on projects together.


Astrid Menks, on the other hand, was unconcerned that Warren Buffet was not interested in marrying her. She and Warren’s wife Thompson were in a love relationship. They will even attend events holding hands and send Christmas cards signed “Warren, Susie, and Astrid.”



Thompson is in charge of Warren Buffet’s charity organization, and Astrid Menks will take excellent care of him.



Susan Thompson died in 2004. Warren Buffet married Astrid Menks in a secret ceremony at his home two years later, in 2006. Susan Thompson’s children, Susan, Howard, and Peter, all have a friendly connection with Astrid Menks, which speaks highly of her nature.


Even though Astrid Menks is married to one of the world’s wealthiest men, she, like her husband, is thrifty. She does her luxury shopping at thrift stores rather than boutiques or businesses.


Astrid Menks Salary and Earnings

Astrid Menks keeps her net worth a closely guarded secret. She has not disclosed her net worth, although her husband, Warren Buffet, is estimated to be worth $ 86.8 billion in 2020.


5 Interesting Facts About Astrid Menks

She has kept her net worth hidden from the general public.

In 2004, Astrid Menks and Warren Buffet married.

Astrid Menks has no children from her marriage to Warren Buffet, however her husband had three children from his previous marriage to Susan Buffet, who died.

She was a waitress, a bar singer, and now the wife of one of the world’s wealthiest men.

She will be 74 years old in 2020, but she has not specified when she was born.

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