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Biggie Punishes Housemates For Disobeying Him (Video)

Biggie Punishes Housemates For Disobeying Him (Video)

#BBNaija: Big Brother Punishes The Housemates

The BBNaija season 6 is on and the housemates have been having a lot of fun this whole week, however, it is time for them to taste the wrath of biggie.

Big Brother relayed a message to Angel, one of the female housemates during the Wildcard vote session asking the house mates to start getting ready for the live show.

However, when she passed on his messages to the housemates, the housemates thought she was only joking, and simply ignored her.

When Saga went for his session, he was asked by Big Brother about the message and he explained that Angel gave out the message but they didn’t believe her.

It was then Big Brother indicated that their disobedience will be revisited suggesting that they would be punished big time.

In a letter from Biggie read by the head of house, Peace, it said the housemates flouted some rules during the show and this has merited some punishment from Big Brother. They were tasked to separate beans from rice and this is expected to last for 2 hours.

Big Brother says the offences committed by the housemates include;

  1. Microphone infringement (Whispering or speaking in a manner that prevents viewers from hearing their conversations).
  2. For not believing Angel when she was instructed to tell them to prepare for the live eviction show yesterday.

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