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Biggie Reveals A Clue About The Wildcards To Peace

Biggie Reveals A Clue About The Wildcards To Peace

During the diary session, a few housemates asked Big brother for a clue on who the wildcards were.

They all had their suspects and needed a clue from Biggie to back it up but Biggie refused them. He, however, considered the head of house, Peace, worthy of a clue. Maybe it was because she is the Head of house.

Here goes his clue

 “During the diary session, the wildcards were invited into the diary room one after the other. So, if your suspects didn’t come in one after the other, you are not on the right track”. Biggie also gave her the privilege to discuss this clue with her fellow housemates. Peace mentioned that she has “standard suspects”.

In addition, Biggie cleared Jaypaul’s mind by revealing to him that the wildcards are aware of the fact that they are “the wildcards” as this was one of the problems the housemates faced deciphering this riddle. This can however be considered a clue as well. If the housemates are clever enough there is a possibility that they can guess the wildcards right.

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