Biography of Jodie Fletcher: Net Worth, Age, Parents


Jodie Fletcher is the daughter of Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher. She is best known as Trey Smith’s step-sister.



Jodie Fletcher was born in the United States of America in January 2007 to actress Sheree Zampino and retired National Football League player Terell Fletcher. Her mother gained notoriety once it was revealed that she was the former wife of famed Hollywood star Will Smith.


Jodie was raised with Trey Smith, her elder and half brother. Jodie is somewhat unknown because she is still young and has not engaged in any public activities.


Summary of Profile

Jodie Fletcher


Birthdate: January 2007


Age: thirteen years


Birthplace: United States


Black hair


Dark brown eyes



Parents of Jodie Fletcher

Terrell Fletcher, father of Jodie Fletcher, was an NFL running back who spent eight seasons with the San Diego Chargers. Terrel was born on September 14, 1973, and attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he played basketball for the Badgers.



He was named the Outback Bowl’s MVP in 1994. He carried for 1,871 yards and gained 1,943 yards receiving during his time with the Chargers.


Fletcher has served as Senior Pastor of San Diego’s City of Hope International Church since March 2012.

On the other side, her mother, Sheree Elizabeth Zampino, is an American entrepreneur, fashion aficionado, and actor. She was born in New York on November 16, 1967, and is best known as the ex-wife of Will Smith, a well-known Hollywood celebrity.

Sheree Zampino is the founder and CEO of Sheree Elizabeth LLC, a skin care company. Terrell Fletcher and Sheree Zampino married in 2007 but divorced in the middle of 2014 owing to incompatibility concerns.


Jodie Fletcher Salary

Jodie Fletcher’s net worth is unknown at the moment due to her youth and lack of employment. However, as the daughter of two superstars, it is presumed that she lives a rich lifestyle with all of her needs covered.

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