Biography of Kimberly Anne Scott; Net Worth, Age, Height, and Other Facts About Eminem’s Ex-Wife

Kimberly Scott and Eminem


Kimberly Anne Scott is Eminem’s ex-wife.

Kimberly Anne Scott was born in Warren, Michigan, and met Eminem when she was just thirteen years old and he was fifteen.


She dated Eminem for several years and in 1995, they welcomed their first child, Hailie Mathers.


The couple married in 1999 but divorced a year later. Eminem’s relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott was poisonous, which prompted Kimberly to attempt suicide in 2000.


They restarted their romance in 2005 and married in 2006. However, that marriage was short-lived, as they divorced again just a few months later.



Kimberly ran afoul of law enforcement when she was detained for driving while inebriated on booze and medications, nearly killing her when her car collided with a pole.


When she was asked why she was driving inebriated, she stated that she intended to commit suicide by driving her car directly into a pole.


Kimberly’s Height And Age

She was born on January 9, 1975, and is now 45 years old. Kimberly Ann Scott stands 1.78 meters tall and weighs 62 kg.


Kimberly Anne Scott’s net worth 

Despite the fact that Kimberly’s ex-husband, Eminem, has a net worth of over $200 million, Kimberly Ann Scott has amassed a personal fortune of $2 million.


Additionally, the court ordered Eminem to pay Kimberly $52,000 per year in support and child custody in 2001.


Kimberly Anne Scott also earns a living as an illustrator. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2020.


Books Written by Kimberly Anne Scott

While Kimberly was a heroin addict and tried suicide previously, she was able to change her life for the better.


She is now a published novelist with multiple novels to her credit. Among them are the following: ‘Mommy! There Is a Snot Man Standing Next To You’ and ‘Kids in Context: A Sociological Examination of Children and Childhoods.’


Kimberly Ann Scott Facts

When Eminem and Kimberly separated in 2001, the court ordered Eminem to pay Kimberly $1,000 per week or $52,000 for the care of their daughter.

Kimberly has a kid named Parker Scott, but no information is available regarding his father.

She attempted suicide by slicing her wrist with a knife in 2001, following an alleged attack by Eminem on his Up In Smoke Tour.

Eminem and Kimberly Anne both attended Lincoln High School.

Kimberly enjoys listening to music, watching movies, shopping, and traveling.

She sued Eminem for $10 million for causing her mental pain.

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