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Bishop Oyedepo Slams Critics Asking Him To Build A Factory(VIDEO)

Bishop Oyedepo Slams Critics Asking Him To Build A Factory(VIDEO)

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The founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has slammed those coming at him to use the income of the church to build factories instead of opening branches and expanding his auditorium.

Recall that Bishop Oyedepo was in the headlines recently after sacking 40 pastors who couldn’t produce expected income from their various branches. This development evoked several reactions and criticisms from netizens following his directive. Oyedepo came out to clear the air saying they were “unfruitful blatant failures”.

Pastors were dispatched to rural churches with the objective of winning at least 12 souls a week and ensuring that six came to church, but the pastors failed in their responsibilities, according to Oyedepo, who spoke at his church on Sunday, August 1.

”Rural church is going on. All the offerings from Rural churches for the next 40 years cannot build what they are building for them. I learnt some fellows were saying that it is because they do not have offering that is why we said they should go.

It is because you are sick. You are unproductive. You have been plugged out. We sent you to go to the villages to reach out to minium of 12 souls in a week and ensure that a minimum of six of them come to church and then six months, you don’t have 10. You are unprofitable. Sound management brought us here.

Keeping unprofitable servant makes you a poor manager.’ You have the right to resign. We have the right to sack you. It is a system. It is like that everywhere. ‘he said

Oyedepo also responded to critics who claimed he should have built factories for his people with the money he spent on various churches.

“They are building one hundred thousand seat auditorium. Did they collect money from you? They should have built a factory. Do you budget for somebody’s resources? Keep quiet my friend and face your job. They enjoy hearing from me so I like speaking to them.” he said

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