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Bishop Oyedepo Slams Parents Sending Their Kids Abroad

Bishop Oyedepo Slams Parents Sending Their Kids Abroad

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The founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide also called Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has made some assertions about the upbringing of children.

During the Thursday edition of the Week of Spiritual Emphasis, he said every parent who has sent his child abroad and the child has no proper spiritual guardian taking care of him or her should ask him or her to return back to the country.

He made this statement in his message themed “Understanding the Wonders of Divine Direction”. According to him, it could go two ways for every parent, either the good outcome or the bad one. He added that parents sending their wards abroad have led to the destruction of their destinies.

He said;

“Some parents even go as far as sending their children to primary school abroad! What nonsense? Are we living on trees here? Are there no good schools in this country?”

“You deny the child the valuable home training that you owe the child. You send them to a non-Christian school, with no spiritual guardian. Then when the child comes back either smoking or on drugs, you begin to go for prayer. Go and ask parents that take care of derelict children. Ask them how they cope. Ask them how they take care of adult children.”

The Bishop went on to say that some individuals believe they should take advantage of their wealth to do such things.

“God can bless you with prosperity, but don’t let that prosperity become a curse to you. You use electricity to do a lot of good things, but will you touch live wire? See, if you fail in your responsibility as a parent, then you have failed.”

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