Brooke Sealey Biography; Jeff Gordon’s Ex-Net Wife’s Worth, Age, and Child


Brooke Sealey is a former American model who is best known as the ex-wife of legendary racing car driver Jeff Gordon.

Biography of Brooke Sealey

Brooke Sealey’s actual birth date is unclear, although she was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States of America. Currently, no information on her parents, siblings, upbringing, early life, or schooling is available to the general public.


Brooke Sealey catapulted to fame with her marriage to Jeff Gordon, a prominent celebrity NASCAR racer. However, she had garnered some recognition prior to being a Former Miss Winston and was frequently spotted in the race field welcoming drivers in the NASCAR victory lane.

Brooke Sealey, on the other hand, divorced Jeff in 2002 and is now married to Mullins Mcleod, a former South Carolina governor contender.


Age of Brooke Sealey

Brooke Sealey’s present age is unknown, as her birth date is unknown.


Brooke Sealey’s Child

Brooke Sealey fathered a kid in 2009 with another guy called James Dixon II, but she gave the child the surname Jeff Gordon.

Brooke Sealey’s net worth

Brooke Sealey is believed to have a net worth of roughly $15 million. Apart from her career, she received a portion of her income as part of the settlement from her divorce from Jeff, which remains one of the most costly divorce settlements in NASCAR history.

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