Bruce Anthony Buffer: How Rich is the MMA Announcer Actually?


Bruce Anthony Buffer is an American professional ring announcer for mixed martial arts who is best known as the primary announcer for the UFC. Together with his half-brother Michael Buffer, he is the CEO of their own company, The Buffer Partnership. Bruce Buffer’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $14 million.


Early Years

Buffer developed an interest in martial arts at the age of 13. During this period, he learnt how to play judo and obtained his green belt. Later, he was introduced to Tang Soo Do, which he would continue to pursue throughout his adolescent years and earn a second-degree black belt in.

Bruce Buffer Career and Net Worth

By the time he entered his twenties, Buffer was an active kickboxer. However, at the age of 32, he sustained his second significant concussion, prompting him to decide it was best for him to abandon the sport.

Buffer was subsequently considered the commentator for the UFC 8 fight that took place in 1996, due to the fact that he had a wonderful, energizing voice. After hosting all of the UFC 10 fights, he proposed to the UFC owner at the time that he be hired as a full-time ring announcer.

Since the UFC lacked a ring announcer at the time, Bruce Buffer was a perfect fit and began announcing frequently beginning with UFC 13. Over the years, people have grown increasingly captivated to the manner in which he presents the combatants in the ring, leading to his reputation as one of the top ring announcers.

In addition, he has become well-known for the Buffer 180, which he uses during special main events to announce the competitors with extra, eye-catching motions. The Buffer 360 and the Buffer Bow are among the rarer techniques that he performs for extremely exceptional events.

Although his primary full-time work is with UFC, Buffer has also served as an announcer for numerous well-known and high-profile events over the years. In Abu Dhabi, he has announced boxing matches and a submission wrestling tournament.

Buffer is also an accomplished poker player and has been regarded as a professional. He has participated in ESPN’s World Series of Poker Main Event coverage. In addition, he made it to the World Poker Tour Final Table.

Due to his fame, Buffer has also appeared in episodes of major television programs such as Entourage’s Gotcha! He has also appeared on the television program Tosh.0 and in the comedy picture Holmes & Watson.

Personal Life

Bruce Buffer’s admirers are astonished by the tale of how he met his half-brother Michael Buffer after their father watched him on television. Later, the two got close and founded The Buffer Partnership, their own company.

Bruce Buffer has a son named Dougie Buffer with his ex-girlfriend Annie Buffer. Later, though, their romance would dissolve, and they would go their own ways.

Net Worth of Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $14 million. Buffer receives an average of $50,000 each UFC event, but can earn up to $100,000 for more prominent UFC events.