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Constantine Yankoglu


Apr 4, 2022

Constantine Yankoglu is a well-known American figure best known as the ex-husband of Patricia Heaton, an American actress and comedian.


Constantine Yankoglu was born in Fayette, Kentucky, on February 2, 1954. There is no information available regarding his parents, siblings, or early years.


Apart from his public presence as Patricia Heaton’s spouse, there is little information on Constantine Yankoglu’s educational history.


Constantine Yankoglu’s net worth 

Constantine Yankoglu’s net worth is believed to be $100,000. Patricia Heaton, his ex-wife, is worth $40 million.

Constantine Yankoglu is a very quiet guy; he does not appear in many media appearances, although there are a few with his family.


Obituary for Constantine Yankoglu

Despite claims to the contrary, Constantine Yankoglu is not deceased as of February 2021. He has not yet had an obituary published.

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