Daniel Wayne Smith Cause Of Death: Where did Daniel Smith get methadone?


Daniel Wayne Smith was the son of Anna Nicole and Billy Smith, an American model and actor.

Smith was born on January 22, 1986, in Mexia, Texas, United States. Following his parents’ divorce, Smith was raised by his mother and grandmother.


Smith made brief appearances on his mother’s E! Network reality television show when he was a child.


Smith died of an accidental overdose in his mother’s hospital room while visiting her in the maternity ward at Doctors Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas, on September 10, 2006.


He was assassinated three days after she gave birth to Smith’s half sister. According to Cyril Wecht, an American forensic pathologist, Daniel Smith inadvertently overdosed on methadone and antidepressants.

However, how did Smith acquire the methadone? As it turned out, the methadone was discovered in his mother’s bedroom refrigerator during the process of reclaiming her Bahamas house by his father-in-law, real estate developer G. Ben Thompson.

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