Darius Rose – Bio, Age, Nationality, Body Measurement, Career


Darius Rose is an actor from the United States of America. Darius Rose is best known for his role in the film ‘Nacho Libre’.


Darius Rose was born in New York City, New York, United States of America. However, grew up in Los Angeles. His birth date is not publicly known. However, when the film was released in 2006, he was between the ages of 8 and 12. Thus, he must be between the ages of 23 and 24 at the moment. Many years have passed since the film’s release, and this actor has faded away.

As a result, he has withheld information about his parents and other close family members. As a result, this actor is a fairly secretive individual who has not yet shared details about his personal life with the media.

Career and Professional Life

Rose is a performer. This actor has appeared in films such as Nacho Libre (2006), Bruce Almighty (2003), and Lower Learning (2001). (2008). He portrayed Chancho in the film ‘Nacho Libre’. Similarly, he portrayed Tyler in the film ‘Bruce Almighty’ and A.J. in the film ‘Lower Learning’.

However, the public adored his performance as Chancho in Nacho Libre. This actor almost certainly did not continue his acting career.

There is no additional information about his professional life or career. As a result, there is no current information about this actor. Regrettably, he is also unavailable on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Relationship Status

Inquiring into this actor’s private life, there is no indication that he has a girlfriend. As a result, this actor has kept his personal life secure. His talent and allure, on the other hand, may have attracted a large number of lovers. However, there is no information about his personal or dating life.

Body Dimensions

On the internet, only photographs of him as a child are available. As a result, there is no information available about this actor. Apart from the images available on the internet, he may have grown up since then. His eyes are dark brown, and his hair is curly and black.


Net Worth and Social Media

This child actor does not have a social media presence. As a result, he may be preoccupied with his studies and career at the moment. Within a short period of time, this actor may be available on social media sites and achieve celebrity status!

There is no information about his wealth. As a result of his outstanding work in his field, he may have earned a substantial sum. Indeed, acting is his primary source of income. However, his net worth and salary are not publicly available.

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