Deborah Mays Biography: Net Worth, Age, Obituary, and Filmography of Joe Namath’s ex-Wife


Deborah Mays is an actress from the United States. She was born in Remington, Indiana, on September 1, 1964. No information is available about her parents, family, or educational history.


Deborah received acclaim for her performance in The Greatest American Hero. She is best known as the wife of professional footballer Joe Namath. Deborah made her television debut in 1981 as Tammy in The Greatest American Hero. She appeared in five episodes of the series. In 2012, she also collaborated on the documentary Namath.

Deborah Mays married Joe Namath in 1984 and the couple had two children, Olivia and Jessica. However, the two divorced as a result of Namath’s drinking.

Deborah Mays Salary

Deborah Mays’s net worth is believed to be $18 million. She acquired this through her acting profession.


Age of Deborah Mays

Deborah Mays was born on September 1, 1964 in Los Angeles, California.

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