Debunked Twitter Hoax on Ash Kaashh’s Death



Ash Kaashh aka Ashaley is a popular social media influencer who is liked by many.


Ash Kaashh, who gained notoriety for her seductive lingerie photos, is also a nail artist located in Chicago, Illinois.


Ash Kaashh is also a model and has gained notoriety for her flawless lip-sync videos on TikTok.


Ash Kaashh also runs Heaven Sent Nails and is a partner in Fashion Nova.


Ash Kaashh’s sensual Instagram photos have earned her more than a million followers.


Ash Kaashh is a newsmaker, but she was ‘incorrectly’ trending on Twitter as part of a sophisticated death fake.


The picture further notes: “Remembering Ashaley. This account has been memorialized. Memorialized accounts are a place to remember and celebrate someone’s life after they’ve passed away.”


Additionally, the image reads, “Remembering Ashaley.” This narrative has been preserved for posterity. Memorialized accounts serve as a space to reflect on and commemorate the life of a loved one after their passing.”


The message appears credible because it includes a link to Ashaley’s official account. However, if you visit her Instagram, you will notice that everything operates normally and that this message does not appear.

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