Don Lemon’s Biography on CNN; Net Worth, Salary, Spouse, Rating, and Married Ortiz, Stephanie


Donald Carlton Lemon, better known as Don Lemon, is a television journalist based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America. Since 2014, he has served as the host of CNN’s Tonight show.


Don Lemon was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 1 March 1966. He is of Creole origin. In addition to his French ancestors, he has Nigerian, Cameroonian, and Congolese ancestors.

Don Lemon attended Baker High School, a public high school located in Baker, East Baton Rouge Parish. He was chosen class president throughout his time in school. Lemon attends Louisiana University following a great high school career.


Lemon later earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York, where he worked as a news assistant at WNYW. He was also hired at the same time to work for Fox News, where he spent several years working for Fox News affiliates in St. Louis and Chicago.


Lemon began his career as a correspondent for NBC’s Philadelphia and Chicago affiliates after graduating from university and college.


Lemon began his career as a correspondent for WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama, on a weekend show. He also reported for Philadelphia’s WCAU.


Don Lemon joined CNN in September 2006, where he was extremely candid in his work, condemning the state of cable news and publicly criticizing the network. He was the journalist who expressed his strong views on how the African American community should improve its lot, which sparked some controversy.


Since 2017, Don Lemon has served as the host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve special from New Orleans. Lemon was threatened with racial comments in October 2017 and filed a police report documenting the event. Then, in 2018, he launched his own show with the introduction “This is CNN Tonight, I’m Don Lemon.”


Don Lemon’s Salary

Donald Lemon is currently one of CNN’s primary anchors and earns a substantial salary. As of 2020, his projected net worth is $12 million.



Don Lemon is one of CNN’s highest-paid anchors. He earns a $4 million yearly compensation, which equates to around $333,334 each month.





Don Lemon has openly said that he is homosexual and that he turned gay after being sexually abused as a child by a teenage guy who lived next door. Lemon began dating Tim Malone, a real estate agent, in 2017. They both announced their engagements in April 2019.



Don Lemon’s broadcasts saw a significant increase in viewership in the final three months of 2020. The following are the ratings:

Stephanie Ortiz

According to rumors circulating on the internet, Don Lemon is secretly married to actress Stephanie Ortiz. However, the story appears to be false, since none of them have stepped out to validate what others are claiming. Additionally, it is self-evident that Don Lemon cannot get into a marriage with a woman, as he has publicly announced his homosexuality.

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