Donald E Wahlberg Sr. Cause of Death



Donald E Wahlberg Sr was a Korean War veteran and actor most remembered for his role as Danny Quinn in the 1998 crime drama Southie.

On May 8, 1930, Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr was born to Axel Simon Wahlberg and Mary Madeline Wahlberg. He is the father of nine children, three of whom are well-known American actors, including Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert Wahlberg.


Donald Wahlberg is also the father of Arthur, Jim, Paul, Tracey, Michelle, and Debbie. He was also recognized as a Korean War veteran and a former member of Teamsters Local 25. Although little is known about his personal life due to its secrecy, he is confirmed to be of Swedish and Irish ancestry.


Donald Wahlberg Sr and Alma McPeck (Donnelly), a bank clerk and nurse’s aide, had married. Their marriage did not last long, and the pair divorced in 1982.


Donald E Wahlberg Sr Demise

Donald E Wahlberg Sr died on February 14, 2008, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Donald died in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA, at the age of 77 and was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery.


The cause of death of Donald E Wahlberg Sr. is unknown and continues to be a mystery.

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