Emmanuel Hostin Biography: Sunny Hostin’s Husband’s Net Worth, Age, Ethnicity, and Parents



Emmanuel Hostin is a well-known American physician who specializes in ‘Orthopedic Surgery’ and is best known as Sunny Hostin’s spouse.


Emmanuel Hostin was born in New York City on 5 September 1971 to Dr. Emmanuel Hostin and Maria Jesus Hostin. It is established whether or not he has siblings.


Emmanuel Hostin graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and returned in 2011 to complete his internship. He subsequently began his fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania Healthcare System.

Emmanuel Hostin’s net worth 

Emmanuel Hostin’s net worth is believed to be $8 million. His fortune may be traced back to his career as a physician.


Ethnicity of Emmanuel Hostin

Emmanuel Hostin is half African American, half Puerto Rican, and half Jewish.


Parents of Emmanuel Hostin

Emmanuel Hostin’s parents are physicians Dr. Emmanuel Hostin and Maria Jesus Hostin.

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