Erin Manning Biography; Max Kellerman’s Wife’s Net Worth, Age, Brother, and Family


Erin Manning is a political philosopher and cultural theorist from Canada. She was born in the United States of America on February 1, 1969. In 2000, she got her PhD in Political Philosophy from the University of Hawaii.


Manning is the founder and director of the SenseLab, a research-creation laboratory connected with Montreal’s Hexagram: Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technology. Manning is frequently seen providing seminars and lectures at universities and other educational institutions.

Erin Manning Salary

Erin Manning’s net worth is estimated to be $200, 000. She earned it through her work as an author and educator.


Erin Manning’s age

On February 1, 1969, Erin Manning was born.


Brother of Erin Manning

There is no information available regarding Erin Manning’s brother. Her spouse, Max Kellerman, on the other hand, has a brother named Sam Kellerman, who was murdered in his Los Angeles home.


Max Kellerman’s Wife’s Family

Erin Manning and Max Kellerman have three children: Mira Kellerman, Ester Kellerman, and Sam Kellerman.

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