Everything You Need to Know About Brendan Fraser’s Son, Holden Fletcher Fraser


Brendan Fraser, a Canadian-American actor, has a son named Holden Fletcher Fraser. He was born in the United States in 2004 to Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser.


Holden Fraser is a student at a prestigious school in his hometown. When his parents split in 2008, a court ordered his father to pay an annual $900,000 for Holden and his siblings’ support, but following an appeal, he was required to pay $50k monthly and an additional $300,000 yearly for child support.

Holden Fraser’s mother is a well-known American actress who has been in films such as George of the Jungle. Because he is the son of two accomplished parents, it is expected that he would follow in his parents’ footsteps.


Holden Fraser Salary and Earnings

Holden Fraser has not pursued any career because he is still a child. His father, on the other hand, is considered to be worth roughly $ 20 million, while his mother is thought to be worth over $175 million.



Holden Fraser, who was born in 2004, is now 15 years old.



Griffin Arthur Fraser and Leland Francis Fraser are Holden Fletcher Fraser’s two siblings.

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