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Gary Burghoff Net Worth 2022 | Salary | House | Cars


May 5, 2022

 $6 Million in Net Worth
How much money is Gary Burghoff worth and how much does he earn?

Gary Burghoff is a six-million-dollar-a-year American actor. Burghoff is best known for his role as Charlie Brown in the Broadway original production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” He is also well-known for his portrayal of Radar in the film “MASH,” which he reprised in the corresponding television series. Apart from these appearances, Gary was a regular on the game show “Match Game” from 1974 to 1975, appearing in no fewer than 140 episodes.



Gary Rich Burghoff was born in Bristol, Connecticut on May 24, 1943. He lived in Clinton, Connecticut during his formative years before settling in Delavan, Wisconsin. Gary, an artistically gifted young man, studied tap dancing and drumming. He also spent time with the Belfry Players in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, where he began honing his acting abilities. He then received professional acting training at New York City’s HB Studio.



Gary made his stage debut in 1967 as Charlie Brown in the Off-Broadway production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Burghoff was cast in the 1970 film “MASH” after pursuing a semi-successful music career as a drummer. He was the only actor to reprise his original role in the spin-off series, which went on to become one of television’s most iconic productions. Gary was nominated for six Emmy Awards and won one in 1977 for his portrayal of Radar.


Burghoff appeared in a variety of game shows following his departure from “MASH” in 1979, including “Match Game,” “Liar’s Club,” and “Showoffs.” He also appeared in films such as “B.S. I Love You” and “Daniel’s Lot” later in his career. He appeared in shows such as “The Love Boat” and “Ellery Queen” during this time period.


Medical Concerns

Gary was born with brachydactyly, a condition caused by Poland syndrome, in which three of his fingers are significantly smaller than the rest. This only adds to his brilliance as a drummer.


Additional Ventures

Gary is also passionate about music and the arts. He previously worked as a professional jazz drummer, and his abilities were showcased in several episodes of “MASH.” Burghoff also regularly paints wildlife.


Burghoff is a self-taught inventor. Among his inventions is a unique fishing tackle device dubbed “Chum Magic.” Gary holds two patents for this device, which attracts fish toward boats. He also invented a new type of fishing pole and a special toilet seat handle. Additionally, Gary is a philatelist, which means he is an expert on stamps.

Endorsements of Brands

Burghoff has augmented his career with brand endorsements over the years, appearing in advertisements for BP gasoline, IMB computers, and PriceRadar.com.


Salary for M*A*S*H

Gary Burghoff eventually left M*A*S*H in 1979, having burned out completely. He lamented that he “could no longer function” and had “lost his vitality.” Warner Bros., on the other hand, was determined to keep him on the show and offered him a $4 million contract to tempt him. It’s worth noting that $4 million was a large sum of money in 1979 – roughly equivalent to $15 million in today’s money.


He declined the offer. Additionally, even if he had accepted the contract, he would not have been the show’s highest-paid actor. Alan Alda earned $5.6 million per season for portraying Hawkeye and writing for the show. Additionally, Carroll O’Connor would have made more money than him, as he earned $4.8 million per season for his role in “Archie Bunker’s Place.”



Gary married his first wife, Janey Gayle, in 1971. They then had a child together in 1975 and divorced in 1979. Burghoff later married Elisabeth Bostrom. Before divorcing in 2005, the couple welcomed two additional children into the world.

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