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Gus Sorola Net Worth 2022 | Salary | Biography


May 13, 2022

$3 Million
Gus Sorola is an American voice actor and computer technician who possesses a net worth of $3 million. Gus Sorola was born on February 22, 1978, and is best known for his work as a computer technician for Rooster Teeth as well as his voice acting in their machinima series and the Halo video games.

Austin, Texas-based Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC is a production studio and multi-channel network. After working with Drunkgamers, Sorola helped found Rooster Teeth. He is Rooster Teeth’s primary IT professional and is responsible for “The Rooster Teeth Podcast.” He is married to Esther Sorola and ordained as a minister at Universal Life Church. He has provided the voice for the characters Dick Simmons in Red vs. Blue and the Computer in The Strangerhood. Prior to joining Rooster Teeth, Gus worked for Drunkgamers. Sorola is the primary IT professional at Rooster Teeth and oversees the Rooster Teeth Podcast. Gus was the Red team’s coach in The Gauntlet. 2013 saw his nomination for the PGA Award for Outstanding Digital Series.

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