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Hopsin has a net worth of $4 million dollars. Marcus Jamal Hopson, better known by his stage name, Hopsin, is an American rapper, record producer, director, and actor. He has released five studio albums and has collaborated with a variety of musicians, including Tech N9ne, B.o.B, Travis Barker, Paul Wall, Insane Clown Posse, Brotha Hung Lynch, Kid Cudi, B-Real, Xzibit, Futuristic, and others. He’s become well-known for his white contact lenses. “Sag My Pants” “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5”, “Hop Is Back” “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” “Crown Me” “Fly” and “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8” were small hits for him.

Marcus Hopson was born on July 18, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in the predominantly Hispanic area of Panorama City. He went to James Monroe High School and taught some special education classes there. Hopsin began skateboarding at the age of 12 and skateboarding appears in many of his music videos today. At the age of 16, he began rapping. He was arrested in 2004 with a group of buddies for vandalizing school property. They were imprisoned on $20,000 bond for what began as a school joke. Hopsin had dropped out of high school at the time, and he was sentenced to a year in the Los Angeles County Jail.


Eminem, according to Hopson, is the rapper who first got him interested in hip-hop music. He began pursuing a career in music after his release from prison in 2005. He went out and bought a microphone, as well as installing FL Studio on his computer. He was signed to Ruthless Records almost immediately. Hopson’s debut album’s main song was released on May 27, 20098. Unfortunately, the artist-label connection was never fruitful, and he alleges that he was not supported throughout the recording of his first album, “Gazing at the Moonlight” and that he was not given the opportunity to hear any of the masters before the album was released. In October 2009, “Gazing at the Moonlight” was finally released, although with little fanfare. In 2009, he and Ruthless split up, and a year later, he and Damien Ritter started their own record label, Funk Volume. Swizz Beatz, Ritter’s younger brother and a former classmate of Hopsin’s, was the label’s first signing. In June 2009, Hopsin and SwizZz collaborated on a mixtape titled “Haywire” to promote Funk Volume, which was released shortly after the label’s establishment.


Hopsin is set to release his first single from his upcoming second album, “Nocturnal Rainbows,” next. Hopsin released a music video for the song “Sag My Pants,” the second single from the upcoming album, on YouTube in October 2010. As of 2021, the music video has received over 54 million views on YouTube. In the fall of 2010, he released his second album, “Raw” Hopsin went on a two-month nationwide tour with the I Am Raw tour in the spring of 2011 to promote “Raw”


Hopsin has published the fourth installment of his “Ill Mind of Hopsin” video series. With over 13 million views, the video became a viral hit. He’s been in two video games, performed on MTV2, and on the cover of XXL Magazine since then.


Hopsin’s album Knock Madness debuted at #1 on the US Heatseekers list and #7 on the US Rap chart in 2013. In 2015, he released Pound Syndrome, which peaked at #4 on the US Rap chart. Due to ongoing commercial troubles and financial disputes with his business partner and co-founder of the label, Damien Ritter, Hopsin claimed on social media in January 2016 that his label Funk Volume was “officially dead” In March of that year, Hopsin released “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8.” a diss track directed against Ritter and Funk Volume.


After the song’s release, Hopsin departed Funk Volume and founded Undercover Prodigy. “Bout the Business,” “Die This Way,” “False Advertisement,” and “Scrollin’.” were among the singles he released with his new label. He stated that he was working on his next studio album in February 2017 and released two singles. In October 2013, he released the lead song from his fifth album, “No Shame,” and in November 2017, he released the album “No Shame.” The album debuted at No. 42 on the Billboard 200 list in the United States. Hopsin followed up “No Shame,” with music videos from his album “lll Mind of Hopsin 9,” as well as the singles “Low-Key” and “Hell’s Carol” which he released in December 2018.


“You Should’ve Known.” a Hopsin-Dax collaboration, was released in January 2019. Later that spring, Hopsin released “The Old Us” and “Picasso” His new single “I Don’t Want It.” was released in July of this year. He revealed in the song that he would be taking a vacation from music in order to deal with personal issues. On February 16, 2020, he announced his comeback from hiatus on YouTube, as well as the release of a new album. He released a new track called “Covid Mansion.” on April 21.


Hopsin also pursued an acting career, appearing in films and television shows such as “John Tucker Must Die,” “Even Stevens,” “Lizzie McGuire,” “Cold Case,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Gilmore Girls” and others as a background extra. For many years, he was also a regular on “That’s So Raven” Over the course of those appearances, though, he only had one speaking role. He also made an appearance in the 2009 film “Fame.” as a rapper. He co-starred in the second season of the drama series “Murder in the First.” which aired in 2015.


Personal Life: He has a kid with Alyce Madden, an Australian cosmetics artist, but their relationship soured after she became pregnant. She obtained a restraining order against him in order to keep him from seeing their son. Hopsin has battled depression in the past and once walked out of a play to be alone.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Date of Birth: Jul 18, 1985
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Profession: Actor, Rapper, Record producer
Nationality: United States of America

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