How Old Is Candy Cat from Peppa Pig?


Candace Candy Cat is a companion of Peppa Pig. She is a supporting character who is not permitted to come into contact with sharp items. She is affable and kind. Green is her favorite color. She is said to be a cat who like milk and fish fingers. She made her Peppa Pig Series debut in the episode “The Playgroup.” She does not speak in this episode, but she giggles.

Candy Cat is a four-year-old kitten. She is Mummy Cat’s and Daddy Cat’s daughter. Her fur is orange, her whiskers are white, and she has a sweet tiny pink nose. Her lips are dark in color. She is dressed in a turquoise gown, a white diaper, and black shoes. Candy adores impersonating tigers. She adores them because of their size. And she purrs when she is content. Candy Cat adores dressing up. Additionally, she enjoys singing and performing magic.


Tallulah Conabeare now portrays the Candy Cat. It has, however, been voiced by a number of performers, including Daisy Rudd, Emma Weston, and Madison Turner.

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