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Human Rights Activist Steals Money Donated For Sick Actor’s Surgery

Human Rights Activist Steals Money Donated For Sick Actor’s Surgery

Actor Kingsley Orji, who is suffering from a leg problem, has accused Harrison Gwamishu of withholding money donated towards his treatment.

Orji said the worst mistake he made was admitting that he knows Harrison, which is why philanthropist, Ibori Ubulu, made donation to him through the activist to help him get treatment.

However, he said since Harrison received the money, he hasn’t checked up on him or his condition.

Orji lamented: “Everyone knows I’ve been suffering for so long, begging God to show me mercy. God then answered me in the person of Ibori.”

Orji said since the money was donated, he has been running around to resolve issues at the embassy so he can travel to India for surgery.

He said the embassy said he must have the money in his account as proof that he can afford the treatment he’s travelling for.

He said that when Harrison was told to produce the money donated towards his treatment, Harrison became upset and told him to bring the money in his own custody.

Harrison had said in a Facebook post that Kingsley Orji was given 1.5 million Naira out of the 6.5 million donated to him while he, Harrison, is with 5 million. Harrison added that he withheld the 5 million I his possession after noticing that Orji had squandered the N1.5m and wanted to use the remaining 5 million to promote his music, rather than seek the medical help the money was donated for.

Crying out for help, Orji said that when he reached out to Harrison to ask for the N5 million, the activist told him to produce the N1.5m with him first or he will return the N5m to Ibori Ubulu.

He said he’s been going after Harrison, begging him to give him the money, even if just a little from it to feed, but the activist has refused and says he’s working based on instruction.

“What have I done to Harrison? Harrison, do you want me to be crippled,” Orji asked.

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