Iann Dior: How Rich is the Rapper Actually Now?


Michael Ian Olmo, also known by his stage name Iann Dior, is a well-known American rapper and vocalist. Iann is most known for his 2019 chart-topping singles “Emotions” and “Gone Girl.” As of 2021, Iann Dior’s projected net worth is approximately $700.000.



Early years

Michael Ian Olmo was born Iann Dior on March 25, 1999 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He was born to Tommy Olmo and Anabelle Olmo of Puerto Rico. Tommy’s father served in the United States Navy. Dior’s childhood years were spent in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Iann realized early on that his love was music. Iann was discovered by the Internet Money Records music producers Taz Taylor and Nick Mira as he searched for a career chance in the music industry.

Iann Dior’s Rise to Fame

One of Dior’s early breakthroughs was the single “Emotions.” As soon as the single was released, it began to receive excellent feedback. It even received a large number of SoundCloud plays.

In response to his growing popularity, numerous record labels approached him with offers to sign a contract. In the end, he signed record deals with TenThousand Projects, Caroline Records, and Internet Money Records.

Iann achieved a new level of success after the release of the single “Gone Girl.” Trippie Redd, a popular singer, is featured on the hit tune. It gained over 100 million airplays on Spotify and became a massive smash.

Industry Plant is Iann’s debut studio album, released in 2019. Audiences adored the album’s hit. Additionally, the record was heavily streamed on several music platforms. In the same year, 10K projects discovered him and finally signed him to a record deal. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with such musical artists as Juice WRLD, PnB Rock, and Bernard Jabs. He released a mixtape titled “Nothing’s Ever Good Enough” on April 12. The record was issued under the 10K Projects label.

He released a new single named “I’m Gone” on June 12, 2020. It too was a huge success. After a month, he was featured on the new track “Mood” by 24Goldn. The record was so popular that it topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In fact, it was his first single to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Iann Dior’s personal Life

Iann Dior is currently unattached. He has not dated any women to this point. That led his supporters to believe he was single. Iann has a large social media following. On Instagram, 1.5 million people follow him. Similarly, his YouTube channel has over 920,000 subscribers.

Net Worth of Iann Dior

As of 2021, it is predicted that Iann Dior’s personal worth is approximately $700.000. Through his music career, he has amassed a fortune. Since he has only recently begun his career, his net worth will continue to grow.