Jack Sullivan Rudd Biography; Paul Rudd’s Son’s Age, Height, and Filmography


Jack Sullivan Rudd is the son of Paul Rudd, a well-known American actor, writer, comedian, and film producer best known for portraying Scott in the Marvel film Ant-Man.

Jack Sullivan Rudd was born in New York City in 2006 to Paul and Julie Rudd. Paul is an American actor, comedian, and film producer, while his mother is a former publicist and screenwriter best known for her work on Mr. Jealousy, Men in Black, and the Paul Rudd comedy Fun Mom Dinner.

Jack Sullivan Rudd grew up in New York City with his younger sister Darby Rudd, who was born in 2010.


The general public does not have access to details on Jack Sullivan Rudd’s early life or educational background.
Jack Sullivan Rudd presently resides in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood with his parents and sister.


Rudd Jack Sullivan Height

Jack Sullivan Rudd is a man of stature, standing at 3 feet 9 inches tall.


Rudd, Jack Sullivan Films

Jack Sullivan Rudd has yet to appear in a film, as he, like his father, has not yet entered the film industry.

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