Jason Whittle Biography, Net Worth, DNA Result, And Father Of Rumored Patrick Swayze’s Son

Jason Whittle. Credit: youtube


Jason Whittle is a well-known former American football lineman who also played for the Camdenton Lakers.


Jason Whittle was born in Springfield, Missouri, in the United States of America on March 7, 1975. Jason Whittle Swayze is said to have been conceived following a one-night affair in the early 1970s between his mother, Bonnie Kay, and then-20-year-old Swayze. There is less information available regarding his siblings.

Jason Whittle had his early schooling in Camdenton, Missouri, and then attended Southwest Missouri State University for four years.


Jason Whittle was a member of the New York Giants’ 2000 and 2005 NFC East championship teams, as well as the 2000 NFC Championship squad. He spent 11 seasons in the NFL, primarily as a guard and center.


Jason Whittle Salary

Jason Whittle’s net worth is estimated to be $600,000. He made the most of his money through football.


Jason Whittle DNA Analysis

Jason Whittle was first disregarded as the son of Patrick Swayze, a well-known star. However, he submitted to a DNA test to establish the contrary.


Father of Jason Whittle

Jason Whittle is the son of Patrick Swayze, despite reports to the contrary. However, DNA testing has established that they are blood relatives, father and son.


Is Jason Whittle actually the son of Patrick Swayze?

Jason Whittle is really the son of Patrick Swayze, an American actor, dancer, singer, and composer, as DNA testing revealed, putting all speculations to rest.

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