John Madden’s Net Worth, Age, Health, and Accident



John Madden began playing football at an early age and ultimately gained a position on the College of San Mateo roster following his tenure on the squad at Jefferson High School in Daly City, California.


Following a brief tenure with the Bulldogs, he was offered a scholarship by the University of Oregon. Unfortunately, a knee ailment caused him to redshirt and he never played a down for the Ducks. This was the start of a series of major injuries that would contribute significantly to his playing career being cut short. He is a retired professional football coach who is presently 85 years old.

John Madden Salary

John Madden is a wealthy entrepreneur with a net worth of $200 million. He is a renowned NFL player, sportscaster, and entrepreneur. Although John Madden enjoyed a great coaching career in the NFL, he is arguably best recognized today for his post-playing activities. He rose to prominence as an NFL analyst and eventually promoted one of the most successful video game series of all time: Madden NFL. John Madden is also a well-known author, frequently appearing in advertising for a variety of different products

Age of John Maden

John Madden is 85 years old at the time of this writing. On April 10, 1936, he was born.

John Madden Health

John Madden stepped down from coaching due to bad health. He has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

John Madden Accident

John Madden, the great NFL player and sportscaster, has no public record of being involved in or causing an accident. However, the grandson and former son-in-law of Florida State University football coach Bobby Bowden – a member of Tallahassee’s First Baptist Church – perished in a hurricane-related mishap alongside one John Madden on the evening of September 5, 2005. Bowden Madden, 15, and his father, John Madden, 45, were killed in a crash on Gadsden County’s Interstate 10.

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