Joyner Lucas Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Now?


Joyner Lucas, also known as Gary Maurice Lucas Jr., is an American rapper and songwriter. In 2015, he published the hit tune Ross Capicchioni, for which he is well known. In addition, he is the rapper responsible for the viral song I’m Not Racist and has released mixtapes such as 508-507-2209. Joyner Lucas’s estimated net worth in 2022 is around $3 million.



Early Years

Lucas attended South High Community School in Worcester, the city where he spent the majority of his childhood. Since he began rapping when he was 10 years old, he has never stopped.

Career and Net Worth of Joyner Lucas

Initially, Lucas began performing under the name G-Storm. Later, he changed his name to Future Joyner since it better reflected his personality. During this time, he began to collaborate with Cyrus the Great. They decided to form Film Skool Rejekts, a group where they could perform together, as their combination seemed to work well.

Workprint: The Greatest Mixtape of All Time was one of the group’s earliest releases following the beginning of their collaboration. Eventually, Lucas concentrated on his solo career and chose to produce a mixtape named Listen to Me. At the time, his stage name was Future Joyner, therefore he was had to change his name.

This was due to the fact that Future had recently gained popular hip-hop fame, and he did not want people to be confused. Consequently, it gave birth to his final stage name, which was Joyner Lucas. He released mixtapes such as LFO’s (Low-Frequency Oscillators) and Ross Capicchioni throughout the next number of years.

Ross Capicchioni’s success offered up new opportunities for his career as individuals in the business began to recognize his talents. As his popularity grew, he would be signed to Atlantic Records, which appeared to be his turning point.

Along with them, he published the mixtape 508-507-2209, which became a massive hit, with numerous singles from the mixtape reaching the Billboard chart. I’m Not Racist, a song that instantly went popular on YouTube, is among the greatest works of his career to date.

The song addressed the relevant and very sensitive issue of race in society at the time. During the 61st edition of the Grammy Awards, this video was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Music Video in recognition of the song’s meaning and message, which were appreciated by a large number of people.

Personal Life

Lucas dated Carmen Julissa Ayala, with whom he has a son named Joyner Messiah Lucas. His affection for his son has resulted in the son being featured in or mentioned in a number of his works.

Since he was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, the title of one of his albums, ADHD, is based on his personal experiences. In the album, he describes the various obstacles he had to overcome as a result of this diagnosis. He was supposed to be dating Ashanti, however this does not appear to be accurate.

Joyner Lucas Net Worth

Joyner Lucas’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $3 million. The majority of his income comes from album sales and live engagements.