Julie Brady’s Biography: Her Net Worth, Age, Children, and Husband


Julie Brady is the well-known sister of Tom Brady, the great New England Patriots quarterback. Julie Brady is the eldest child of Thomas Brady Sr. and Galynn Patricia Brady. Julie Brady was born under the Zodiac sign of Leo in California, United States of America. Julie Brady has two more siblings, in addition to Tom Brady: Nancy and Maureen Brady.

Julie Brady, like all Leos, is a born leader; she is theatrical, creative, self-assured, rebellious, and capable of accomplishing everything she desires in life in her own unique manner. She formerly played soccer at St. Mary’s College in California and currently participates in recreational soccer across the Bay Area.

Age of Julie Brady

Julie Brady was born in California, United States of America, on August 3rd, 1974.


Julie Brady’s Children

Julie Brady is the mother of three incredible children: a daughter and two sons. Jordan Brady, Zachary Youkilis, and Jeremy Youkilis are Julie Brady’s children.


Kevin Edmund Youkilis, Julie Brady’s husband

Kevin Edmund Youkilis is Julie Brady’s husband. Kevin Edmund Youkilis, often referred to as “Youk,” is a former professional baseball first baseman and third baseman with the Boston Red Sox. He was drafted by the Red Sox in 2001 following his undergraduate baseball career at the University of Cincinnati.


Julie Brady Salary

Julie Brady’s net worth is believed to be $1 million.

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