Kainakary Thankaraj Cause Of Death, Wife, Children, Obituary


Kainakary Thankaraj, a well-known theatre-film actor, died on Sunday (April 3) at the age of 77.


Kainakary Thankaraj was born in Keralapuram, Kollam. He made his acting debut in 1978 with the film ‘Aana Paachan’ starring Prem Nazir.


However, the actor gained widespread popularity after portraying Vavachan in the film ‘Ee. Ma.Yau’.


Cause of death of Kainakary Thankaraj

According to sources, Kainakary Thankaraj had been undergoing therapy for a lengthy period of time for liver-related ailments.

Thankaraj Kainakary’s wife

When it comes to his family, Kainakary Thankaraj keeps his life quiet. As a result, we are unaware about Thankaraj’s wife or partner.


Regardless, Kainakary’s family is bereaved and mourns his passing. They have so far kept their anonymity in light of the tragic death announcement.


Children of Kainakary Thankaraj

As previously said, Kainakary Thankaraj kept his private life quiet, and as a result, we do not know anything about his children.


The funeral for Kainakary Thankaraj will take place on Monday, April 4, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

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