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Dec 8, 2021

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Kanye West is committed to giving back in every manner possible. Following last week’s delivery of 1,000 Thanksgiving dinners to the city’s homeless population, Ye wants to take the initiative a step further and eradicate the city’s homeless population totally.

Kanye met with Reverend Troy Vaughn, CEO of the Los Angeles Mission organization, to explore ways he might assist in addressing the city’s growing homeless issue, according to TMZ.

The Chicago great intends to work with local politicians on a plan to feed the homeless and to utilize his own organizations to assist the destitute with “education, employment, and housing.” Kanye aims to bring Sunday Service to Los Angeles’ Skid Row, which he feels would aid in the community’s healing and inspiration.

When Kanye West visited Skid Row in Los Angeles last week to distribute Thanksgiving meals to the homeless, he took to the mic and began speaking in a stream of consciousness about the power of Jesus Christ and his plans to reunite his family by reconciling with Kim Kardashian despite their alleged divorce.

“God’s story is for you to see that everything is redeemable, and that all of these relationships — we’ve made errors, I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve publicly done things as a husband that were inappropriate,” he said. “However, for whatever reason, I’m here to rewrite that story now, immediately.”

“I am the priest of my household.” I need to be as near to my children as possible, which is why I have a house next door while I’m not at home. I’m doing everything possible to be in close proximity to the action.”

Kanye West has long been a homeless champion. He prototyped his YZY shelters, which he hopes will offer low-cost housing for the homeless, last year. Kanye said during his unsuccessful 2020 presidential campaign that he would end homelessness and hunger throughout the nation.