Keith Urban Children: Meet Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, And Faith Margaret Kidman Urban



Keith Urban with husband and children

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are more than the sum of their professional accomplishments. They are one of Hollywood’s most well-known couples. Sunday and Faith, the ACM Award-winning actress from Undoing, are great parents to their two daughters.


Urban Faith Margaret Kidman

Faith Margaret, the second of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s children, has a unique yet equally fascinating background. In contrast to her older sister, Sunday, Faith was born through surrogacy. Keith Urban and her family kept the pregnancy a secret throughout, and the birth of Faith was disclosed during the 2011 Golden Globes Awards event.



Sunday Urban Rose Kidman

Rose Kidman’s conception came as a great news as Keith had had infertility issues in the past and was trying to conceive.

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