Laura Quinn Hawk Biography: Net Worth, Age, Jersey, And Interior Design



Laura Quinn Hawk is an interior designer by trade and the wife of A.J Hawk, a former American Football linebacker.

Laura Quinn Hawk was born in the United States of America in Dublin, Ohio. Except for her marriage to A. J. Hawk, nothing is known about her early life. Tyrone J. Quinn and Robin D. Quinn are her parents. Laura Quinn Hawk stands at 172.7 centimeters and weighs 127.86 pounds.


Laura Quinn Hawk’s net worth 

Laura Quinn Hawk’s net worth is believed to be at $2 million.


Laura Quinn Hawk’s age

Laura Quinn Hawk’s birth date and age are unknown. However, she is said to be past the age of 50.


Hawk jersey for Laura Quinn

Laura Quinn Hawk was forced to split her jersey in 2006 when her brother Brady Quinn of Notre Dame faced off against her then-boyfriend, A.J. Hawk of Ohio State. To avert any rivalry, she wore the split jersey.




Interior design by Laura Quinn Hawk

Laura Quinn Hawk has had a tremendous amount of success in her profession as an interior designer. She founded and still leads her own firm, LCH Interiors.

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