Mahiely Woodbine’s Biography and Net Worth


Mahiely Woodbine is a Hollywood actress best known as the wife of actor Bokeem Woodbine, who starred in the television series Fargo.

Mahiely Woodbine, whose true name is Mahiely Roberts, was born in the state of New Hampshire, United States of America, on April 9, 1973. Her family is unknown, however her father was a football coach and her mother was a homemaker.


According to her educational history, Mahiely Woodbine graduated from a New Hampshire high school. She later completed her studies at Harvard University, earning a degree in psychology.

Mahiely Woodbine rose to notoriety following her marriage to Bokeem Woodbine, a prominent actor, musician, and mixed martial artist. The pair met at a mutual friend’s party and eventually married in a private wedding ceremony in 1999.


Mahiely Woodbine’s net worth

Mahiely Woodbine’s net worth is unknown at the moment. However, it is presumed that she has access to her husband’s $3 million fortune.

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