Maria Victoria Henao Bio; Net Worth, Age, Brother Of Pablo Escobar’s Wife

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Maria Victoria Henao Biographical Information: Net Worth, Age, and Brother Of Pablo Escobar’s Wife

Maria Victoria Henao (formerly Maria Isabel Santos Caballero) is well known as the late Pablo Escobar’s wife.

Maria and Pablo were married for seventeen years and had two children together: Juan Sebastian Marroqun and Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

Maria is now a published author, a freelance writer, and an entrepreneur.


Maria Victoria Henao’s date of birth

Maria Henao was born in Colombia in 1961. She is 60 years old at the moment.


Maria Victoria Henao’s net worth

Maria Victoria Henao is believed to have a net worth of $554,00 as of 2021.


Following Pablo’s death, his wife and children were unable to benefit from his fortune since they were primarily on the run and the majority of their liquid assets were confiscated as well. Though many believe Pablo conceals funds for his family.


Maria, on the other hand, is claimed to earn money as a novelist and businesswoman.

Maria Victoria Henao’s brother.

Carlos Henao was Maria’s elder brother.

Carlos collaborated with Pablo while the drug lord was still establishing his criminal empire. Carlos played a key role in Pablo’s small-scale illicit operation.


Carlos was, however, kidnapped and killed ‘gangland-style’ outside Medellin six months before Pablo’s death. An incident that is purportedly being staged in order to injure Pablo.


Maria Victoria Henao, wife of Pablo Escobar

Maria and Pablo were acquainted through her brother, Carlos, who was a drug lord’s employee. Maria was 13 years old when they first met.


Despite her family’s opposition to their romance as a result of Pablo’s status, Maria disregarded her family and the lovers married. Maria was 15 years old and Pablo was 24 years old when they married.


The two remained married for 17 years, despite Pablo’s numerous girlfriends, including his famous romance with writer Virginia Vallejo, whom Maria was fully aware of.


Following Pablo’s death, Maria and her children sought sanctuary in Argentina, where they assumed new identities.


Mrs. Escobar: My Life with Pablo was released in 2019 and details her relationship with Pablo Escobar.

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