Meet Sandra Bullock’s Children, Louis Bardo and Laila Bullock


Sandra Bullock’s remarkable and emotional journey into parenthood was not a simple one. Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of coastal communities, particularly New Orleans, in late August 2005 pushed her to do the one thing she felt was missing in her life.

Bullock and her then-husband, Jesse James, revealed in January 2010 that they were planning to adopt a son born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bullock’s split and eventual divorce did not stop her from pursuing adoption as a single parent. Bullock announced in December 2015 that she had adopted a second child and featured on the cover of People magazine beside her new daughter.


We’d like to introduce you to Louis Bardo Bullock and Laila Bullock.


Bullock Louis Bardo


Sandra Bullock and her son Louis Bullock exit their Soho apartment in New York City on January 20, 2011 | Photo: Getty Images

Bullock finally located the youngster who would become her first adopted son in her arms after four years of looking. Bullock previously stated that Louis, now 11, would not be surrounded by paparazzi while under her care. As her first child, Louis felt it was necessary to keep their lives quiet and raise him away from prying eyes in the media.

Bullock, Laila

Laila, 9, was born in 2012 in Louisiana. Laila’s entrance in 2015 earned her the same kind of privacy as Louis received from Bullock. Bullock’s second child, a lovely daughter, was adopted when she was three years old.

Bullock also reportedly dislikes her children being referred to as “adopted” by the public, particularly because she does not agree with the media’s assessment of the racial divide between the children and her. She adores the children as if they were her own, and Louis and Laila are ecstatic to have an award-winning actress as a mother.

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