Meet Tre Tre Thornton And Aria Ella Thornton; Young Dolph’s Children

Young Dolph, Mia Jaye and their children
Young Dolph, Mia Jaye and their children Credit: Instagram


Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., professionally known as Young Dolph, was an American rapper and hip-hop artist who began his career in 2006. Young Dolph was shot and died today in Memphis while coming from a cookies store.

With his seventh studio album, Rich Slave, Young Dolph won the 2020 AllMusic Award for Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album. Among Young Dolph’s tracks are 1 Scale, Major, Foreva, Juicy, You Got It, Penguins, and By Mistake.


Numerous celebrities and renowned singers have verified Young Dolph’s sudden demise via social media posts.


Tre Tre Thornton And Aria Ella Thornton

Tre Tre Thornton and Aria Ella Thornton are the children of young Dolph and his longtime girlfriend, Mia Jaye. Aria Ella Thornton is a female. Tre Tre Thornton is a boy. Tre Tre and Aria Ella’s identities are unknown.

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