Meet Zeke Young, Ben Young, and Amber Jean Young, the children of Neil Young.


Neil Young, a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, has three children: Zeke Young, Ben Young, and Amber Jean Young.


Zeke Young

Neil’s first kid, Zeke, was born in 1972 to actress Carrie Snodgrass. Zeke was born with cerebral palsy. a chronic movement ailment that develops in childhood and frequently results in poor coordination,


Ben Young

Ben Young, born in 1978 to Neil and Pegi Young, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after his birth. He was bothered by muscle stiffness and tremors.

Amber Jean Young

Neil’s third child, Amber, was diagnosed with epilepsy. Amber Jean, who was born in 1984, is well-known for her artistic and imaginative paintings and artworks, which she presents on social media and her personal website.


Young contracted polio during the last big outbreak of the disease in Ontario in 1952. After his rehabilitation, the Youngs took a trip to Florida.


He also had epileptic episodes, which began shortly after he relocated to Los Angeles in 1966. These were most likely temporal lobe seizures with secondary generalization.


Neil is widely considered as one of the greatest rock and roll songwriters and performers of all time.

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