Michael Rainey Jr.’s Biography Including His Net Worth, Age, Height, Parents, Film Career, and Twin of Eva Apios’ Boyfriend.


Michael Rainey Junior is an actor, producer, and rapper from the United States. He is best known for his role as Tariq in the television series Power.

Biography of Michael Rainey Jr.

Michael Rainey Jr., also known as Tariq, was born on 22nd September 2000 in Louis Villeins, Kentucky, to Michael Rainey and Shauna Small. Michael Rainey was born in the United States, relocated to Italy, then returned to the United States before becoming ten years old. Michael Rainey Jr., like the majority of celebrity children, was educated at home by his mother.

Michael Rainey Jr.’s net worth

Michael Rainey Jr. is projected to have a net worth of $56 million by celebstrendingnow.com. Michael Rainey Jr amassed his riches over the course of a decade in the entertainment industry.


Age of Michael Rainey Jr.

Michael Rainey Jr. was born in 2000, which means he will be precisely 21 years old in 2021.


Michael Rainey, Jr.

Michael Rainey, the star of The Power, is at 5 feet 8 inches tall.


Parents of Michael Rainey Jr.

Michael Rainey Jr was born to Michael Rainey Sr. and Michael Rainey Sr. Michael Rainey Sr’s identity is unknown, however it is thought that he was an engineer. Shauna Small, a Jamaican lady, is Michael Rainey Jr’s mother. Shauna Small is a teacher who educated Michael Rainey Jr. at home.


Eva Apios’ Boyfriend’s Twin

While Michael Rainey Jr. does not have a twin in real life, Raina St. Patrick was the twin of Michael Rainey Jr.’s Tariq in the legendary Power series. Donshea Hopkins portrayed Raina St. Patrick. Donshea Hopkins was born on March 2, 2002, and presently stands at the age of 19.

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