Offset Children: Meet Cardi B’s Husband’s Five Children


Kiari Kendrell Cephus, better known as Offset, is the most prominent member of the Migos Music group. He has five (5) children with several baby mothers.

Even though he has not been a great parent to all of them equally, he is still doing his best to provide a better life for them. According to close insiders, Offset, who is now engaged to co-rapper Cardi B, is gradually becoming a proper father figure to his children. Cardi gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, September 6, 2021, giving the couple two children. Offset is currently the father of three sons and two daughters.


Jordan Cephus, Offset’s First Child


Offset had Jordan at the age of 17 with a lady called Justine Watson, according to sources. Jordan is now 11 years old. Because of Ms Watson’s privacy, her son with Offset was not in the spotlight until 2017, when Offset was sued for child support. She attempted to obtain all previous child support and $15,000 for attorney’s expenses, but Offset reacted by requesting shared legal and physical custody.


Kody Cephus is Offset’s second child.

Meet Kody Cephus, the rapper’s adorable 6-year-old second child. Kody was with Offset’s ex-girlfriend, Oriel James. Despite his disagreements with Oriel, Offset manages to spend a significant amount of time with Kody.


Kalea Marie Cephus, Offset’s third child

Kalea Marie Cephus, Offset’s oldest kid, is also six years old. He was seeing her alongside rapper Shya L’Amour. Their romance was just as dramatic as Offset and Cardi’s. Shya once posted on Instagram about how Offset had disregarded her and their daughter for a long time. She did, however, shoot a video of herself in March 2021 to thank Cardi B for helping Offset become a better person.


Kulture Kiari, Offset’s fourth child

Kulture is Offset’s most well-known child, owing to his relationship with famed musician Cardi B. Offset has showed her final daughter a lot of affection in a variety of ways. He has her name tattooed on his face, while the names of his other children are inked elsewhere. Due to her popularity, Kulture Kiari now has her own verified Instagram page with 2.2 million followers.

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