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Political leaders have failed Nigerian youths – Imo-born entrepreneur, Ngoforo

Political leaders have failed Nigerian youths – Imo-born entrepreneur, Ngoforo

An entrepreneur, Mazi Franklin Ngoforo has said the contemporary political leaders in Nigeria have failed woefully to create the enabling environment for the youths.

Ngoforo, who hails from Arondizogu in Ideato-north LGA of Imo State made this acclamation during the inauguration of his brainchild project, Oganihu Ideato Project (OID).

The entrepreneur further said that the modern economy had become knowledge-driven, hence the need for Ideato and Imo youths at large to remain competitive globally.

According to him, “our political leaders have failed to intervene and create the enabling environment so as to unleash the potentials of our youths.

“We have many rich men in our society, but how many of them are ready to help the youths? They only use them to win elections and dump them.

“I have personally sent twenty-two of our youths to the United Kingdom for studies. I sent another sixteen to South Africa. This is exactly what our leaders should be doing.

“Our people are blessed. We have enormous potential as a people and budding talents. All we need is the proper harnessing of those skills. This is the only way we can unlock our individual potentials.”

“The secret of all prosperous societies is that they invest in developing the capacity of their people. Training our people in viable skills and making them sustainably self-reliant is a task we must achieve at all costs,” he said.

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