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Rampage Jackson Net Worth 2022 | Salary | House | Cars


May 10, 2022


$4 Million

Rampage Quinton Jackson’s Salary and Net Worth: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has a net worth of $4 million as a mixed martial artist and actor. Jackson has competed in Bellator MMA, the UFC, and Pride FC over the years. The UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, the Pride Middleweight Championship, and the Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight Tournament are among his achievements. Quinton has developed a reputation for his trash-talking and unique fighting style over the years.

Quinton Ramone “Rampage” Jackson was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 20th, 1978. Quinton, who grew up in a poor neighbourhood, began selling drugs at a young age. He also became a regular street fighter, and his father’s drug addiction didn’t help matters.


Jackson excelled on the school’s wrestling team during his high school years. Jackson learned various karate striking techniques during this time. After fighting with a teammate on the wrestling team, he was expelled from Lassen Community College.


Quinton decided to pursue a career as a mixed martial arts fighter after graduating from college. He travelled to Japan to compete in Pride FC after competing in a number of smaller promotions. Quinton was marketed as a homeless person by the organisation, and he lost his first fight to Kazushi Sakuraba. Despite this early setback, Jackson’s aggressive fighting style impressed audiences, and he went on to win his next few fights.


His time at Pride eventually led to him facing Wanderlei Silva. Jackson defeated the Brazilian fighter in a split decision in 2003. Chuck Liddell was then defeated. Jackson would go on to fight Silva several times in the future, with both fighters winning. Shogun Rua and Hirotaka Yokoi were among his most recent opponents.


Quinton signed a contract with the UFC after a brief stint with the World Fighting Alliance, and at UFC 67, he knocked out Marvin Eastman. After defeating Chuck Liddell in 2003, he won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.


Jackson became a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter 7” in 2007. At UFC 86, he eventually faced Forrest Griffin for the light heavyweight championship. Quinton defeated Forrest in the first round of the match, which was close. Griffin, on the other hand, fought back and remained aggressive for the rest of the fight. Griffin was clearly the better fighter in the end, landing more strikes. Forrest eventually won the fight by unanimous decision.


Jackson fought fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Keith Jardine, and Lyoto Machida over the next few years. He did, however, announce in 2009 that he was leaving the UFC due to mistreatment by the organisation. However, this was only a temporary decision, as Jackson returned to the UFC and fought Rashad Evans. Jackson had requested this fight, but he was defeated by a unanimous decision once again.

Quinton defeated Lyoto Machida in a controversial split decision at UFC 123 in 2010. Jackson lost to Jon Jones after another victory over Matt Hamill. In 2012, after losing to Ryan Bader for the second time, Jackson announced his return to the UFC. His most recent fight was in 2012 against Glover Teixeira, which he lost by unanimous decision.


In 2013, Jackson switched to Bellator MMA. He faced Joey Beltran in his first fight and knocked him out in the first round. Christian M’Pumbu was also knocked out in the first round. Jackson briefly returned to the UFC in 2014 and defeated Fabio Maldonado after another victory over Muhammed Lawal. He then spent the next few years in Bellator MMA, fighting a variety of opponents before the organisation decided not to re-sign him in 2019. Jackson had a record of 38 wins and 14 losses in 52 matches at this point. He won by knockout on 20 occasions and by decision on 14 occasions. Rampage has lost four times by knockout.


Jackson has been the subject of numerous controversies following sexual comments and behaviour directed at various reporters. Many of these incidents have veered dangerously close to assault.


Jackson was arrested in 2008 on charges of felony reckless driving and felony hit-and-run. Officers were forced to pursue Quinton before catching up with him. He pleaded not guilty to all charges and had them dismissed after a judge decided that 200 hours of community service was sufficient. Jackson claimed in 2014 that he was driving recklessly because he was desperate to get to a friend’s house who was planning to commit suicide.


Real estate: It was reported in 2017 that Quinton was involved in a legal battle over his Orange County home. According to court documents, Jackson paid $1.15 million in cash for the house in 2010. Unfortunately, Quinton chose to not put his name on the title when he bought the house, which was an unorthodox move. He didn’t even put the title next to the name of a company or entity he owned. Instead, he simply wrote “Jazella,” the name of a company that his manager was in charge of at the time.


Eventually, he and his manager split up, leading to Jackson attempting to have the title transferred to his name. Denis Joseph Gwynn, his manager, had other ideas. Gwynn is said to have decided to sell the house, leaving Jackson fighting in court to keep his home. In order to keep his home, he eventually filed a lawsuit.

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