Randy Savage was married to Lynn for how long?


A recent A&E Biography centered on Randy Savage’s legacy, however it appears as though they got several details wrong.


Lanny Poffo, Savage’s brother, has stepped out to refute some of the documentary’s misconceptions.


Savage married Barbara Lynn Payne in May 2010, according to Poffo. Lynn was referred to in the documentary as Savage’s “high school sweetheart,” however this does not correspond to the timeline of events.


Poffo then wrote an essay for Pro Wrestling Stories about another subject in the Biography, Savage’s first marriage.

Poffo continued by describing how the documentary’s story did not correspond to reality.

According to the A&E episode, Randy married Lynn, his high school girlfriend.


This was not the case. Randy could not have met his sweetheart in a Chattanooga suburb following his graduation from Downers Grove High School in Illinois. That is something even the Macho Man is incapable of accomplishing!


Lynn graduated from South Pittsburg High School in Tennessee and attended Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida.


Randy was in Sarasota at the time, playing baseball in the St. Louis Cardinals organization’s rookie league, while Lynn was studying to be an artist. This was their first encounter.

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