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Rick Salomon is an American celebrity with a $50 million dollar net worth. Rick Salomon is an outstanding poker player and actor, but he is arguably most known for his love relationships with celebrities such as Shannen Doherty, Pamela Anderson, and Paris Hilton. “1 Night in Paris,” his sex tape with Paris Hilton, was the subject of many lawsuits and countersuits. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur whose previous endeavors include adult films and internet gambling sites. He was recognized as an executive producer on the 2018 film “Gotti” starring John Travolta.

Richard Allan Salomon was born in January 1968 in Neptune, New Jersey. His father was a former Warner Bros. senior vice president.


Rick Salomon is a talented poker player who has won significant sums in professional tournaments. In 2014, he won $2.8 million in the “Big One for One Drop” tournament at the World Series of Poker. In 2016, he won $3.3 million upon his return. In 2018, Salomon was able to win $2.84 million in the same event. Rick Salomon, in addition to competing in poker tournaments, has developed his own online gambling business.


First Marriages: In 1995, Rick Salomon married voice actress Elizabeth Daily. Even though they had two daughters together, the couple separated in 2000. Two years later, Rick Salomon was temporarily married to the actress Shannon Doherty, but the union was dissolved after nine months.


Rick Salomon’s most well-known wife was Pamela Anderson. The two got married in 2007 in Las Vegas, purportedly during a break in Anderson’s performance at the time. However, this union was likewise brief, and the couple filed for divorce ten weeks later. Despite this, the duo appeared friendly, as they were observed shopping together shortly thereafter. When Anderson released a message on her website that implied she was reconciling with Salomon, she left her admirers guessing. Nevertheless, the marriage was dissolved by 2008. Rick Salomon and Pamela Anderson would marry one more six years later. Six months later, Anderson filed a second petition for divorce.


Their divorce paperwork was pretty disorganized. Salomon alleged in his documents that Pamela begged him to conceive her, then aborted two unborn children after becoming pregnant. He also said Pam did the same thing to Kid Rock numerous times. Pam asserted in a counterclaim that Rick lied about being a Nevada resident for tax purposes and spent the most of his time in California. She went on to criticize Rick’s finances, alleging he won $40 million playing poker against ONE GUY, a Dallas real estate magnate called Andy Beal. He supposedly won $16 million in a single weekend from Andy.


Pam received a payment of $1 million from Salomon, and the divorce was finalized.

Rick Salomon had a romantic relationship with Paris Hilton in 2003. A sex tape showing the couple was leaked onto the internet in that year, sparking a significant scandal. Salomon promptly filed a lawsuit against the business that distributed the tape and the Hilton family, alleging that it was a deliberate attempt to harm his reputation. Specifically, Salomon asserted that Paris Hilton’s public relations representatives had purposefully propagated a misconception that she was underage at the time the tape was recorded. This, according to Salomon, was part of a scheme to prevent the distribution of the recording and harm his public image so that Paris would be perceived as innocent.


Paris Hilton, for her part, successfully sued the business that circulated the footage for $30 million. After recognizing the futility of his lawsuit, Salomon dropped it and began distributing the tape through a corporation he established. Later, he agreed to give Hilton a portion of revenues plus $400,000 in compensation.


In addition to his poker playing career, Salomon has also dabbled in the entertainment sector. Rick’s filmography includes My Sister’s Keeper, Alpha Dog, and Bob’s Video. In addition to acting, he has produced numerous films, such as First In, Who’s Your Caddy, DMX: Soul of a Man, and American Girl. In addition, he appeared in an episode of Entourage as himself.


In 1994, Rick purchased a property in the hills above the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles for $1,300,000. In January 2021, he placed the residence on the market for $12.5 million.


In 2014, he spent $3.8 million on an 11,000-square-foot villa in a Las Vegas gated neighborhood.

Net Worth: $50 Million
Date of Birth: Jan 24, 1968
Gender: Male
Profession: Film Producer, Actor, Television producer, Professional Poker Player
Nationality: American

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